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Mayan Fire Ceremony with Josefa Kirvin Kulix

  • 7Directions RAdio Topanga, Ca (map)

WED JULY 13th ~ 7PM


Mayan priestess of the Sacred Fire, Medicine Woman from the Tzotzil community in Chiapas, Mexico.

This WEDNESDAY JULY 13th in the Mayan calendar marks 4 AJPU ~ Energy of Father Sun.

AJPU is about overcoming blocks and negativity. It transforms and reveals, bringing certainty to your life and goals. It is a good day to ask for clarity and insight on our path, healing on a physical and emotional level, light and wisdom in our lives, discernment, clarity at work & home, pysical & spiritual strength, intuition, and to focus on the dreams of our heart.

This is a ceremony for our lives and also a fundraiser for Josefa to get a flight ticket back to Mexico.

Suggested donation for the ceremony:
$20-$100 (No one turned away for lack of funds! Please come join us. If you don't have funds, it's a good reason to come and pray for abundance : )

To RSVP and make your donation now please follow this link. (Cash donations will also be accepted at the door):…

TO RSVP ONLY email: 


You may bring:
RED candles, colorful flowers, RED fruits & vegetables, tobacco, copal, sage, chocolate... 

If you would like to join us for the potluck after, please bring a light potluck dish.

What to wear:
Ideally women wear long comfortable skirts & modest shirt. Men wear pants & shirt. Terrain is rugged so wear comfortable shoes and layers in case it gets cold. 

Avoid drinking alcohol that day.


Josefa will also be offering Nahuals / Mayan Astrology Chart Readings at our house on July 12th, 14th and 15th. When you know the meaning of your Mayan Nahual you can harmonize your own energy and actions with it for greater success in love, work and everything you do. If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your chart read please email us. (More info about Nahuals below).

More about the ceremony:
The Mayan fire ceremony is a sacred activity through which one seeks to approach and communicate with the Great Spirit, Great Mystery, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, with the sacred elements of earth, fire, water, air, with the ancestors, the guardians of the forests, caves, oceans, lakes, and with Nahuals (Mayan guardian spirits) in order to reconnect and maintain balance and harmony between people and nature. 

Mayan ceremonies are performed with very specific goals, either to celebrate important dates, yield offerings in gratitude, to ask for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, for work or wisdom in difficult times, etc...

The key element in the Mayan ceremony is the sacred fire, which is generated through materials and offerings made to the fire during the ceremony, such as seeds, flowers, sugar, chocolate, etc...


More about Nahuals & Mayan Astrology: 
A Mayan Nahual is one of 20 spirits who greatly influence the energy of the day on the material plane. They are part of a spiritual guidance system used by the Maya, Olmec and others for thousands of years.

Named for cosmic forces, creators, tools and plants, these Lords of the Day also influence your actions and feelings. The Mayan astrological chart covers the key factors that influence your entire life and destiny.